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Learning a new language is now child's play!

Give your child the best languages have to offer!

Our Programmes

Live Classes

We conduct online classes in English, French, German & Spanish. Combining our pedagogy and our content, we aim to make learning not just easy to remember, but also difficult to forget!

Our school programmes comprise teaching and learning resources that are seamlessly incorporated in the school curriculum. We offer simple & versatile programmes that empower teachers of any (or no) foreign language knowledge.

School Programmes


Learning Resources for Schools

Why choose LinguBee!


I have been associated with LinguBee since the beginning of 2020. My 8-year-old son has been a student of Spanish here. He has been a part of every summer camp, workshop and reading club hosted by LinguBee.
   Key strengths of LinguBee would be their strong understanding of learning and pedagogy .. as to what works for a learner .. they have always focused on providing the right learning outcomes for the learners ..
   The areas that they have evolved the most on  is product and pedagogy .. this is one part where they have doubled down all through .. they believe that if the right product is there - growth will happen.

- Mayank Kumar
Co-founder & MD (UpGrad)

I have been associated with LinguBee since inception. My daughter has been studying German, English Spelling & Grammar Course (SPaG) at LinguBee since May 2020. I have personally attended the Beginners course for Adults in German as a student at LinguBee and have completed A1 certification at Goethe Institute Pune.

      For me, the pedagogy at LinguBee that combines technology with the instructor led touch is a major strength; be it PowerPoint presentations or nano videos and blend them in the course flow to ensure that the stickiness of the concepts covered in a session is persistent.

   The reinforcement learning methodology helps children to retain the concepts better. The example-based pedagogy has helped my daughter to associate the concepts to real world conversation/text and has enabled her to maintain her level of interest and knowledge in the subject area. I would rate this as a unique and key strength of team LinguBee. The teachers periodically connect with parents to explain their approach, seek feedback and clarify any open points.

Consultant (TCS)


"Thank you LinguBee for the help your teachers have provided to my son for Spanish - his teacher's feedback during the recent PTM "he has made the most progress in the entire class over the last couple of months". This is very significant given that he was struggling in the beginning of the session so much so that he was even considering switching out of Spanish! His confidence has also been building up and been participating actively in the class conversations. Thank you Praniti Sinha Lal."


- Maneesh Bhandari (Founder & CEO, GrowthPal)

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