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Embark on a linguistic adventure with our live classes in foreign languages specially crafted for children! Dive into interactive sessions that make learning a new language a thrilling experience. From vibrant activities to personalised attention, we're here to ignite a passion for language exploration in young minds. Join us for a journey where education meets excitement!


Bumblebee Programme

4-8 years

Our Bumblebee programme focuses on the natural progression of language learning. Learners start by speaking before writing. Our engaging activities go beyond textbooks, enabling young minds to sing songs, and communicate with a considerable level of accuracy.


A1 Junior

9-12 years

Builds a solid foundation in the target language. It gives the learner the linguistic competence necessary to understand and use common, everyday expressions and simple sentences to address immediate needs.


A2 Junior

12-16 years

Assists the learner understand sentences and commonly used expressions associated with topics directly related to their immediate circumstances. This level  comprises the syllabus intended for students spanning grades 7 through 10.



Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar

For students who wish to increase their competence in the English language, our course offers a coherent and progressive sequence to teach spellings, punctuation and grammar alongside reading comprehensions and writing tasks.


Bridge The Gap

Curated exclusively for learners who wish to have the same competence in a foreign language as their peers. We provide a basic course in the target language. Additionally, the programme can be customised as per the specific requirements of the learner.


Individual Classes

Designed for children flying abroad or attending IB/IGCSE schools, these classes offer personalised one-on-one tutoring.

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