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School Programmes


The LinguBee Series of foreign language textbooks (in French, German & Spanish) is designed to cater to both pre-primary and primary school students. The series particularly emphasises on practical application and real-life scenarios. It encompasses two levels for pre-primary students and five levels for primary school students. Each level is subdivided into units that explore specific themes. It utilises spaced repetition techniques to facilitate effective retention of learning, vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation improvement. The curriculum adopts a spiral approach through a series of engaging activities and lessons. This makes learning not just easy to remember but also difficult to forget.


This series  assists primary school children to move quickly towards meaningful, everyday communication in a foreign language, especially designed with child-friendly themes making learning relatable and fun. The books encourage conversation and foster experiential learning. It involves spiral learning methodology - an approach to learning that involves revisiting and building upon previously learned concepts in a repeated spiral pattern.

Pre-school series

This series is designed to help pre-schoolers recognise and understand simple meaningful conversations in the target language. The pedagogy involves music, stories, movement, games and activities that encourage kids to participate and interact while learning. It follows an incremental learning methodology that involves teaching new concepts in a phased, step by step approach. 


Primary-school series

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