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Abstract Clouds

A1 Junior

Course Overview

Participants can comprehend and use common, everyday expressions and basic sentences that pertain to meet specific needs. They can introduce themselves and others, inquire about where others live, their acquaintances, and possessions, and respond to similar questions. Their communication skills are effective when the other person speaks slowly, clearly, and is willing to provide assistance.

Course details

Class size: 8 students
Levels: 3 | Terms: 3
Class Frequency: Weekly one hour class
Number of hours per level: 36
Fee structure: Rs.7000/- per term or Rs.19,950/-
Starting: June 2024


Key Components


  • Listen and comprehend short conversations related to daily life.

  • Develop phonics knowledge and anticipate with reasonable accuracy the spelling of new words.

  • Comprehend simple songs, stories and conversations.

  • Understand basic information such as greetings, introductions, and simple requests.



  • Introduce oneself, including personal details such as name, age, and nationality.

  • Hold simple conversations on familiar topics, such as hobbies, family, and daily routines.

  • Form and respond to basic questions about everyday topics.

  • Describe simple aspects of personal experiences, daily activities, and surroundings.



  • Write short messages and notes on familiar topics using basic vocabulary.

  • Fill out simple forms and write basic personal information.

  • Write short and simple descriptions of personal experiences, routines, and activities.

  • Produce simple written texts like emails, postcards, or short paragraphs.



  • Read and comprehend short, simple texts like emails, advertisements, and signs.

  • Identify the main points and extract essential information from basic texts.

  • Recognise and understand common words and phrases in simple written materials.

  • Understand and follow basic written instructions for simple tasks.



  • Gender of nouns - definite and indefinite articles

  • Personal pronouns

  • Possessive pronouns

  • Singular and plural forms of nouns

  • Adjectives (place and agreement)

  • Conjugation of key verbs (and making verbs negative)

  • Connectives and qualifiers, adverbs of time, prepositions of place

Abstract Clouds
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