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Course Overview

BumbleBee aims to make foreign language learning a joyful experience for children aged 4-7. Through songs, games, and activities, we introduce language basics and cultural elements, fostering diversity appreciation. Our programme emphasises multi-sensory learning, encouraging social interaction and creative expression. We strive to build a solid language foundation, instilling a positive attitude towards future language studies. By the end, learners will have acquired basic language skills and a curiosity for diverse cultures.

Course details

Class size: 5 students
Levels: 3 | Terms: 3
Class Frequency: Weekly one hour class
Number of hours per level: 36
Fee structure: Rs.6500/- per term or Rs.18,525/-
Starting: June 2024


Key Components

Sing-Along Sessions

  • Interactive song sessions tailored to enhance language skills.


Interactive Language Games

  • Engaging online games designed to reinforce language concepts.

  • Playful activities that encourage vocabulary building and language retention.


Language Through Movement 

  • Incorporation of movement-based activities are adopted to reinforce language concepts.


Language Through Art 

  • Incorporation of art based activities are adopted to reinforce language concepts.

Abstract Clouds
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