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Course Overview

The objective of this spelling, punctuation, and grammar class is to elevate learners' overall English proficiency through focused reading passages. Learners enhance their spelling accuracy, punctuation skills, and grammatical understanding by systematically addressing common errors in diverse contexts. The course aims to improve reading comprehension alongside language skills, linking correct language usage with effective interpretation of complex texts.

Course details

Class size: 10 students
Levels: 3 | Terms: 3
Class Frequency: Weekly one and a hour class
Number of hours per level: 54
Fee structure: Rs.8000/- per term or Rs.22,800/-
Starting: June 2024


Key Components

Spelling Exploration

  • Explore common spelling challenges and learn effective strategies for accurate spelling.

  • Build a strong foundation through interactive spelling exercises and vocabulary enhancement.


Punctuation Precision

  • Dive into the world of punctuation marks and their nuanced usage in different contexts.

  • Practice correct punctuation through real-world examples and hands-on exercises.



  • Understand fundamental grammar rules and principles to enhance your writing clarity.

  • Engage in practical exercises that reinforce grammatical concepts, from sentence structure to verb agreement.


Writing Cohesion

  • Learn techniques for cohesive and well-organised writing.

  • Develop skills in connecting ideas, creating smooth transitions, and maintaining a consistent writing style.


Application in Various Contexts

  • Apply SPaG principles in diverse writing scenarios, including academic essays, and creative pieces.

  • Receive personalised feedback on your writing to track progress and address specific areas for improvement.

  • Gain insights into common errors and pitfalls, and acquire strategies to refine and perfect your work.

Abstract Clouds
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