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Study Tour to Spain- December 2023

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Shreya Tirthani

What Students Say

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Avishka Shah


Krisha Surana

What Parents Say


Sumeet Moghe

I admire Praniti and Radnyee's organising skills and their persistence at ensuring that the entire trip went smoothly. The two of them handled visa hiccups with a great sense of calmness, which put me at ease. At all times, they were open to feedback and their reassurance convinced me that they had my daughter's best interests in mind.


Shweta Dange

The association with Lingubee has been very pleasurable. Praniti and Radnyee are a great team. Everything about the trip was highly organised, well communicated and safe. The persistent efforts to get the visa were extremely commendable. The overall hardwork and efforts to make the trip memorable for students was highly visible.


Rashmi Tiwari

Lingubee is not just about learning a foreign language, but living it and loving it! The cultural assimilation tours offered by them are another cherry on the cake of their already stellar and involved teaching they offer. Kudos


Sweta Soni

LinguBee is awesome! I am glad we came across it when we were looking for Spanish classes for Maisha. Praniti and Radnyee are so loving and caring and responsible. They have a personal touch to the way they handle kids. I will happily send my daughter for more study tours with them.


Meghna Surana

Lingubee. When I think of this name the 1st thing strikes my mind is Praniti ma’am. She is doing a wonderful job when it comes to teaching a language like Spanish. My daughter is really happy with the way Praniti ma’am has helped her to learn a foreign language. She has made it interesting for her to understand and have the passion to learn this language. Thank you so much lingubee ❤️

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